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Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas passes with verve search engines inspection

Because of a website presenting all of its services, SEO quicky became a vital process for Bureau Veritas in the development of online notoriety.

Bureau Veritas is an international Group established in 140 countries, throughout a network of 700 agencies and laboratories. The company delivers evaluation services of conformity in various fields : quality, health, safety, environment and social responsibility.

To present its activities, the company has a corporate website which is managed from its headquarter in Paris and developed in the United States. Since 2002, the website is involved in SEO.

“At the launching of the third version of the website, in 2002, it became obvious for Bureau Veritas to get involved in a SEO process”, points out Patricia Le Goff, Bureau Veritas Communications manager

Advised by the agency Web Ogilvy, the group chose @position, SEO specialist. “We wanted to be visible on search engines only on our trademark, but also on strategic keywords”, reports Patricia Le Goff.

A first page in search engines not so easy to get : even if the number of competitors on a world scale is still limited, the group faces a multitude of local competitors.

Among the chosen keywords, we’ve been focusing on those related to unknown activities of Veritas Bureau.

After a technical audit bringing to the fore the website’s incompatibility with search engine spiders as regards certain criteria, the pages were corrected by Bureau Veritas. Then, the semantic audit was launched. At that period, the two actors defined together the keywords to be positioned on.

Once these information were defined, the website content was optimized. Made in-house, the content was then improved by @position to fit the search engines needs.
A script to rebuild pages was implemented to make search engine spiders access correctly to all the pages. If no measure was taken, only the top frame would have been indexed

A change of URL remains a perilous operation for SEO
With a lastest version launched in May 2007, @position’s work changed : an expert of the agency has been assisting Bureau Veritas in the writing of technical specifications. “Aposition’s work started in the very beginning. That way, meta-tags can be managed by the webmaster and can be adapted to each page”, specifies Patricia Le Goff.

Meanwhile, , because the website URLs had changed, a redirecting system was implemented in order to avoid 404 pages in the search engine indexes. Thanks to it, there was no loss of traffic and spiders were redirected to the new pages.

A change of URL remains a perilous operation for positioning and can jeopardize the work done previouly.
Certain rules must be followed , the use of 301 redirects in particular.

Today, Bureau Veritas is positioned on the first page of the search engine results for 90 % of the followed keywords. This success is partially linked with the improved website content.

Because of these data and the wesite development, new keywords have just been defined with Aposition to go forward in increasing visibility. This collaboration could concern other branches of the group, that is not less than about sixty international websites : “we must still determine if it is better for our subsidiaries to take a local SEO agency, expert of the market, or - on the contrary – to gather expertise in only one provider”, Patricia Le Goff underlines.






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